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Duppy Share XO 70cl
Duppy Share XO 70cl
Duppy Share XO 70cl

The Duppy Share Duppy Share XO 70cl

A blend of 5, 8 and 12 year finely aged 100% column still rums from Barbados. Rich, indulgent flavour notes are balanced out with lighter, more chocolatey-sour ones as the younger and older rums react to each other.

On the nose, rich notes of velvet caramel and tamarind are balanced with light and floral tones of toasted coconut and violet. 

On the palate, indulgent flavours of butter fudge, caramel and condensed milk delicately marry with accents of apricot, vanilla and nutmeg.

Designed to be super premium, this liquid truly re-defines the XO category.

Enjoy it neat or in an old fashioned.


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