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The Duppy Share inspires friends to unite to escape the ordinary by embracing the Spirit of the Caribbean

As whiskey ages a part of it is said to evaporate to the Angels - this is known as the Angel Share. In the Caribbean they believe that Jamaican spirits, known as Duppies, swoop between the distilleries stealing the best of the rum as it ages in oak barrels. These fun loving spirits live to unite friends, and help to create memories that will last forever.

The Duppy Share is not just a celebration of rum, but also a celebration of the Caribbean. A totally unique group of islands in between the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic. The islands are incredibly beautiful and have an amazing ability to make anyone, in any situation, feel totally welcome and at ease.The Duppy Share ensures that the Warmth, Fun, Beauty and Excitement of the Caribbean can be tasted in every drop.

Drink Duppy and Share the Spirit of the Caribbean.

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We know that rum is not only a delicious spirit, but one that is largely underrated and consumed not nearly enough. It’s the easiest and most flexible of the spirits and as such it allows anyone to create a delicious drink that will amaze and delight their friends.

With 86% of the world’s rum originating from the Caribbean, we wanted to create an incredible tasting liquid that embodies the islands’ warm and welcoming values. A rum that fosters a sense of inclusivity and brings together family, friends and strangers alike. We hope to inspire people to not take life too seriously, to live for the now and, lastly, to never waste a second; which has been written on every single bottle of Duppy and is the essence of our brand.


The story of Duppies inspired us to find the best rums in the Caribbean and blend them to create something unique, inclusive, approachable and above all else - totally delicious.

The Duppy Share Aged is our original liquid and as such it will always be incredibly close to our heart. It’s a unique blend of a bold 3-year old Jamaican rum from the Worthy Park distillery (est. 1670), packed full of tropical flavours; and a smooth, honey-buttery 5-year-old Barbadian rum from the Foursquare distillery (est. 1920 and named the world’s best distiller for the seventh year in a row in 2020).

The Duppy Share Spiced is our incredibly flavourful addition to the Duppy family, made from 100% Jamiacan Rum. Leading with Pineapple and Kola Nut and following with 10 natural Caribbean botanicals and spices, we’ve created a punchy yet perfectly balanced rum that is truly accessible for everyone. But don’t just take our word for it, in 2020 we were rated the best spiced rum in the UK by Great Taste Awards.

Duppy White, produced & co-founded with musical pioneer Kano is a rum five years in the making; born from the memories, smells and flavours that reflect his Jamaican roots and the profound impact of Jamaican culture on London and the world. The first white rum that’s designed to be drunk neat and in shots, as well as starring in classic white rum cocktails, Duppy White has flavours of mango, pimento and fresh thyme, for 100% Jamaican flavour.

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Needless to say, Share is in our name, and it is also an incredibly important pillar in all that we do. Our thirst to get rum into as many hands as possible is matched by our desire to help as many people as possible.


  • Official rum partner of Notting Hill Carnival

    Supporting the Notting Hill Carnival Trust for the past 4 years by providing rum and running bars to contribute much needed funds back into the community, providing support for the development of Caribbean arts and culture in London

  • Portobello Rugby Trust

    Volunteering at our local youth club, which has a proud heritage of supporting the local community’s young people learn critical skills, feel safe and develop into promising adults. The newly refurbished Amplify Studio allows young people access to training and elite equipment to develop their artistic talents and the skills needed to forge career opportunities in the music industry. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT RUGBY PORTOBELLO

  • Supporting BAME access to hospitality

    Our founders have signed up to the Equal Measures Programme - a London based charity providing mentoring and training to BAME people looking to advance their careers in hospitality.Duppy is also funding WSET training programmes to ensure our wonderful industry is accessible to a diverse talent pool and that BAME individuals have the opportunity to thrive in hospitality.


  • The Alpha Institute, Kingston.

    We are partnering with the Alpha School of Music in Kingston. We recognise that we take so much from the Caribbean - not only our wonderful, award winning rum, for which we owe so much to the craft and experience of Worthy Park, est. in 1670 in Jamaica, and FourSquare, which has been named world’s best distiller for the 7th year in a row, having been established in 1920. But we also take our name and the inspiration for the product design from the rich folklore and beautiful topography of the Caribbean. By sponsoring scholarships at the Alpha School of Music, we can enable young people in Jamaica to learn the skills needed to succeed in the music industry - be it song writing, production, A&R or performance. From September, we will enable £1 from every order on the website to contribute to this donation fund.

    Please drink responsibly.