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A vibrant celebration of Jamaica and its influence on the world. 100% Jamaican white rum with flavours of mango, pimento and fresh thyme, for 100% Jamaican flavour.

Produced & co-founded with musical pioneer Kano – this is a rum five years in the making; born from the memories, smells and flavours that reflect his Jamaican roots and the profound impact of Jamaican culture on London and the world.

From the fashion, to the food, to the dancehall, to the Empire Windrush and to the countless ways Jamaican culture has influenced us all; this is Kano and the Duppy Share’s big up to real Jamaica, real London and the marriage that has meant so much to music, people and society.

The first white rum that’s designed to be drunk neat and in shots, as well as starring in classic white rum cocktails, Duppy White asks us to celebrate life and guarantees nights to remember.



The Jamaican inspiration behind Duppy White is integral to the label. The label is inspired by a 7-inch vinyl, depicting scenes integral to Kano’s life, with Jamaica and his mum’s favourite Julie Mangoes on the one side and London on the other. From visual references of Manor Road, his barber shop in East Ham, to Rex club in Stratford where he performed his early sets. The back of the bottle features an illustrated Empire Windrush ship, as well as a lyric of Kano’s - ‘Every entrance to a door has a footprint left by the ones that came before. Let’s talk about the day the wind was rushed up on the shore’ – an acknowledgement of the countless untold stories and cultural influence of the Windrush generation on London and the UK.



Bright, zesty tropical fruits with hints of lemongrass, pineapple and white pepper. An unmistakable, yet subtle, note of Jamaican pot still rum.


Rich caramel sweetness and full texture, with notes of fresh cut sugarcane grass, mango and a subtle peppery heat.


Lingering sweetness and a clean pot still note that shows itself in ripe bananas and a hint of pimento berry.

Overall a bright, vibrant white 100% Jamaican white rum that takes the best flavours Jamaica has to offer and blends them into a full-textured rum that can be enjoyed by rum and non-rum drinkers alike.



Co-founder Kano is a British rapper, songwriter, producer and actor from East Ham, London. A significant contributor to UK music, Kano is widely considered one of the pioneers of grime music and also known for his acting, most notably playing the role of Sully in Top Boy.

The genesis of Duppy White came about when Duppy Share founder George Frost spotted the lyric “…rum is the rider for real MCs” in Kano’s seminal ‘3 Wheel-ups’. When Kano went on to feature the line on Instagram, with a reference to Duppy Share’s first aged rum, the OG, George jumped on the train to Kane’s gig in Manchester, dropping bottles off for him and the crew. The relationship grew from there with the pair deciding to collaborate on the creation of an approachable, 100%-Jamaican white rum. Kane drew on his heritage, memories and deep respect for Jamaica; driving the process to develop a refreshing, smooth, new-to-world rum that honours the influence of Jamaican culture.

With this launch Kano tells his story in the ways he’s celebrated for already, from a place of depth and truth, and inspires us all to celebrate life as a mantra.