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Duppies are dark Caribbean spirits or ghosts, originating from Jamaica and known to have a special love of rum.

As a spirit ages in barrels, a certain amount is lost through evaporation over the years.  Known as the angels' share in scotch whisky production, this is far too tame for the world of rum...

Caribbean legend has it that the dark duppy spirits swoop between the islands stealing the best share of the rum.  Spirit masters, skilled in the fine art of blending, the duppies take only the best.
This is the duppy share.



The Caribbean is one of the most hypnotic, exciting and fun places that I have ever been to. I'm lucky to live in London which, ever since the Empire Windrush landed on our shores in 1948, is blessed with a rich Caribbean heritage and therefore endless establishments to go and sample some of the best of the Caribbean’s exports, from delicious Jerk seasoned food, to incredible reggae music and much more.

But what of the Caribbean’s main export? What about rum? Well unless you felt the Caribbean is all about bats, or worse, tired clichés of captains and pirates, then there was nothing out there for you - and I decided it was high time to do something about it. So enter (/stagger) stage right, The Duppy Share. An incredible tasting spirit that is designed for anyone who loves rum, and perhaps more pertinently, anyone who loves to have fun. So when you've grown out of playing with bats and pirates, come grab a drink with us.



The Duppy Share is a perfectly balanced, unique blend of premium rums from the beautiful worthy park estate in Jamaica and the prestigious foursquare distillery in Barbados. 

These are very contrasting island styles. A fiery Jamaican rum and a smooth Barbadian rum makes the duppy share the perfect partner for punch and other rum cocktails. A big, bold, 3-year old, 100% pot still Jamaican rum, packed full of tropical fruit flavours up front is followed by a smooth 5-year old Barbadian rum giving a warm buttery finish.

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The distillery

Worthy Park, Jamaica

The worthy park estate started growing sugar in 1721 and distilling rum in 1740, the earliest record of rum production in Jamaica. Worthy park grows all of their own sugar cane, makes their own molasses and distills and ages their rum on site.
Their traditional copper pot still gives the rum its distinctive Jamaican punch. The rum is aged in old white oak bourbon barrels.  The warm days and cool nights of the Jamaican hills increase the rate of ageing, giving the rum exceptional flavour and character.

Foursquare, Barbados

The prestigious foursquare distillery is presided over by fourth-generation master distiller, Richard Seal. A combination of continuous and pot still distillation gives the rum a unique character. Aged for five years in old bourbon barrels, the rum is beautifully smooth with notes of caramel and oak and a warm buttery finish.