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Spice up your life with The Duppy Share Spiced!


Over the past few years, the Spiced Rum category has seen a remarkable increase in volume.  With that has come a huge influx new challenger brands, espousing craft spicing techniques and unique spicing ranging from coconut to passion fruit, to even CBD infused spiced rums. So, what does make a good, spiced rum?

Integral to the taste and complexity of a quality Spiced Rum is the original base blend of rums from which your flavours will be built out of. Too heavy and peaty, and you may find that the other flavours added during the spicing process won’t come through as you had intended, instead being dominated by the base rum. Too weak a blend, and you’ll maybe find quite the opposite – that your rum now tastes like a rum liqueur. The Duppy Share Spiced starts on a solid foundation with a blend of golden aged Caribbean rums. 

Secondly, we think natural spicing is key. Clove, cinnamon, chilli, nutmeg, chocolate, zest – all of these will bring new, exciting facets to your spiced rum, often combining in unexpected ways, leaving you with myriad options from which to create your own unique liquid.


We learnt all of this on our journey with The Duppy Share Spiced. Released in January of this year, the process of developing this exceptional liquid started long before. Having whittled down our base rum through 56 iterations, we finally settled on a blend from Jamaica and Barbados. This blend of Jamaican pot still and Barbadian column still has enough ‘oomph’ to still be appreciated through the spicing process, but counterbalances itself with notes of vanilla and caramel, which complimented our spicing direction.

Next came the spicing. After months of back and forth, we settled on an all-natural combination of traditional and new-age Caribbean botanicals, featuring kola nut, pineapple, nutmeg, chilli, chocolate, vanilla, and cardamom to name a few. This allowed us to create the exact blend we wanted – one that stands up on its own but is just as easily enjoyed with a quality mixer.

The Great Taste Award's Verdict:

We were so pleased with The Duppy Share Spiced that we entered it into the prestigious Great Taste Awards. Here’s a what the judges said:

“Medium gold, bright, clear in the glass. Totally tropical nose – barbecued pineapple is front and center. Dry, woody, nutmeg spice and ripe melon follow, along with dried mixed herbs. The palate is off-dry, medium bodies and concentrated. Really lovely pineapple, tropical fruit flavour, melon again, passionfruit. Excellent balance, with alcohol well integrated. The finish is clean, it holds together well and long. Very good.”

“Bright amber. Molasses nose which carries through to a palate rich in demerara, butter and pineapple. Grace notes of spices add interest. Long and satisfying.” 

So now you know why The Duppy Share Spiced is the best on the market, be sure to grab yours today and give it a try.