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OCT 2021


The Alpha School of Music x Duppy Share

We’re so proud to announce that we are partnering with The Alpha School of Music in Kingston, Jamaica; a renowned educational centre for young adults who aspire to work in the music industry. These guys help young musicians start their careers by enabling them to learn and hone the skills needed to work in the industry; including song writing, production, A&R and so much more. 


For over a century, Alpha has been developing Jamaican music and entertainment talent. They empower young people in Jamaica and transform inner city communities through education, training and career development. The institute provides a safe space for young people to learn and grow, with several of the Alpha Alumni becoming jazz, ska and reggae icons, playing on Grammy-winning records and even going on to be Grammy nominees. You may have heard of Yellowman, Winston Francis, Joe Harriott or Owen Gray, to name a few, they all got their start at Alpha.


We recognise that we take so much from the Caribbean - not only our wonderful, award-winning rum, for which we owe so much to the craft and experience of Worthy Park, est. in 1670 in Jamaica, and Foursquare, which has been named world’s best distiller for the 7th year in a row, having been established in 1920. But we also take our name and the inspiration for the product design from the rich folklore and beautiful topography of the Caribbean. We owe so much to the Caribbean, from the food, the fashion, the music and we hope to share the spirit of the Caribbean and celebrate its undeniable influence on the UK and the world.

By sponsoring scholarships at the Alpha School of Music, we can enable young people in Jamaica to learn the skills needed to succeed within the music industry. We will also be donating £1 from every order on our website to their donation fund in partnership with the Sisters of Mercy of Jamaica who have operated the school since 1890.


We can’t wait to work with The Alpha Institute and look forward to helping to support the next generation of Jamaican artists. Don’t forget to check out their website for more info and remember to enjoy your Duppy Share responsibly