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JUN 2021


The Ultimate Duppy Event: Duppy x Suat


Hey there Duppies,

We’re back again with another totally epic collab!  

Last week we partnered up with the awesome influencer and DJ @Suatism. If you guys aren’t already familiar with his work then be sure to check him out on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube for some rave worthy music that will be sure to give you instantaneous good vibes and good times.

The Event:

Team Duppy and team Suat and several lucky carnival goers took London by storm for our Covid Carnival. We wanted to celebrate a return to normalcy (almost) after what has been a bit of a bummer of a year. It was amazing to see people coming together to share the rum love, and you can bet we did just that.

With the help of our partners Punchy Drinks, Notting Hill Carnival, Mangrove, Trailer Happiness, Aragon House and Brigit’s Bakery we enjoyed a truly epic Covid-safe walking tour around London, fuelled of course by lots of rum.

We started off at the Tabernacle, a key location when it comes to the creation and planning of the infamous Notting Hill Carnival. Equipped with an endless supply of rum and Suat’s epic DJ decks, we passed through a buzzing Portobello market and stopped off at Trailer H for a few banging rum cocktails. 

Fueled by delish Duppy nectar and awesome tunes we headed to our pop-up bar at Hyde Park, where, you guessed it, we served up even more Duppy drinks in the sunshine. We gathered our carnival goers and took part in Jouvert; a celebratory event hailing from the Caribbean islands that involves the colourful chaos of powdered paint. 

Once we all successfully looked like a Jackson Pollock, we headed onto Bridget’s Bus for a glorious ride around town, featuring rum cake and cocktails and more amazing live music from Suat. 

To burn off those cake calories, we then walked along the river and had our final hoorah at Parsons Green where we handed out Duppy gift packs to everyone chilling on the green. 

So that concludes our Covid Carnival Duppies! Make sure you check out the full livestream on Youtube @Suatism and head to our Instagram and Facebook @theduppyshare for some sneak peeks.

We want to thank everyone who shared the rumshine spirit!