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MAY 2021


    Calling all Colada Connoisseurs


    Hey there Duppies!

    Welcome to the very first edition of our exciting new cocktail series. In this segment we’ll be delving a little deeper into different categories of rum cocktails, learning more about their origins and showing you guys the most epic ways to recreate them using a little bit of Duppy magic.

    This series is for the rum lovers and cocktail enthusiasts amongst you, so to kick it off we’re exploring the wonderful world of Coladas; one of the most beloved rum cocktails around. As they say, “if you like Pina Coladas…” then this one’s for you.

    The Colada:

    Who doesn’t love a classic Pina Colada? It really is the perfect combination of delicious alcoholic goodness, with the creamy, tropical, sweetness of a desert, that will have you dreaming of vacations spots around the world. But where did this mouth-watering cocktail really come from?

    The true origins of the Pina Colada remain unclear to this day. Some believe that this cocktail was first created by a 19th Century Puerto Rican pirate, Roberto Confresi, who loosely combined the three main ingredients; pineapple, coconut and of course rum, to keep his sailors’ spirits up.

    And yet the modern-day Pina Colada is thought to have been ingeniously created by bartender Ramon Marrero at the Hilton hotel many, many years later, in 1954. He was given the challenge of creating a cocktail that embodied the spirit of the island and three months later the Pina Colada as we know it was born. Curiously, the cocktail was initially a mocktail that contained half and half, pineapple juice and cream of coconut, shaken and poured over ice. Luckily for us rum lovers, the Pina Colada changed over time to include rum, which catapulted the drink into the public eye and enabled it to gain the popularity it hails today.

    The origins were further put into dispute when two other Puerto Rican bartenders, Ricardo Garcia and Ramon Mingot, claimed to be its inventor. Despite the many claimants, in 2004 the debate was settled as the Governor of Puerto Rico celebrated the 50th anniversary of this national drink by honouring Ramon Marrero’s life.

    With this in mind, give our Pina Colada recipe below a try.

    DUPina Colada:


    • 60ml The Duppy Share Aged
    • 60ml Cream of Coconut (we’d recommend Coco Lopez)
    • 100ml Fresh Pineapple Juice (Frobisher’s is a must try)
    • 2 chunks of Fresh Pineapple
    • A Squeeze of Fresh Lime


    • Blend all ingredients with crushed ice
    • Pour the liquid into a hurricane glass
    • Garnish with a slice of pineapple

    So, there you have it duppies, go Colada crazy. Be sure to tag us in any photos of your Duppy creations on Facebook and Instagram @theduppyshare.