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MAY 2021


Where to Drink Duppy this Summer


You heard it Duppies. We're rounding up our favourite pubs, bars and restaurants for you to visit this summer; think long overdue catch-ups with friends and families over a round (or two) of refreshing cocktails. So, if you fancy a few drinks in the sunshine, that is hopefully reminiscent of the Caribbean, then look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the best places you can enjoy a cheeky Duppy around London.

So let’s kick it off.

The Prince of Peckham:

If you’re looking for a laid-back pub, with trendy interiors, and banging food and drink then Prince of Peckham is a must try. It’s the place to be for young professionals and creatives looking for an understated, cool, casual place to hang out. But don’t let this put you off if you’re looking for something a bit livelier, the venue has a lot to offer when it comes to events and urban culture. They are also home to one of our epic partners, White Men Can’t Jerk, so you’ll be able to nab yourself a delicious Duppy drink alongside some mouth-watering Jerk chicken and oozing burgers – what more could you want?

The Prince:

Another gem from Incipio Group, The Prince has the same chilled atmosphere we know and love from the rest of the brand’s venues. Think craft cocktails (we’re obviously partial to a bit of rum) and awesome street food options (they've got a whole street party vibe going on there). And all against the backdrop of insta-worthy, warm and contemporary interiors. It’s got the look and feel of a pub garden, with foliage and fairy lights to match and we think it’s the ideal place to drink some Duppy with your mates. Head to any of the Incipio Group sites, from Pergola Paddington to Lost In Brixton to share the Rum Love.


Aragon House:

Aragon House is an amazing spot to visit if your vibe is more premium pub than simply popping to your local. You can expect some seriously high-quality food and drink to match their aesthetically pleasing décor. You could be sipping Duppy in the heart of Parsons Green, whilst enjoying a fusion British Gastro, pan-European experience. But fear not, Aragon House is from the guys at City Pub Co. so you’ll be feeling more “chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool” than suit and tie vibes. Check out any of the City Pub Co. sites for more info on where to grab your next Duppy drink.


The Adam and Eve:

Adam and Eve is another great option if you’re looking for a gastro pub in Central London. An off shoot from the Young Pubs crew; these guys really know how to make you feel at home over a bite to eat and some insanely moreish cocktails. It’s warm and welcoming atmosphere will have you feeling like part of the furniture, and trust us, it’s not too shabby. Adam and Eve is perfect for all occasions; post-work drinks with friends or a Sunday roast with the family, you can share the good times with your loved ones any time. So, kick back and relax and go get yourself some Duppy.


The Ned:

If you’re feeling really fancy, The Ned is the place for you. This is one for our super premium rum lovers and is host to several incredible restaurants, where you can of course enjoy a delish glass of Duppy. Every restaurant has an amazing bar area with vintage inspired interiors, to really transport you to another time and place, free from the stress of everyday life. So, take a break, share the laughter, and have a drink – and if you’re having a drink (or a few) then it’s gotta be Duppy.

So that concludes our list of the 5 best pubs and bars Duppies. Be sure to check them out, share the love with your friends and family over a cool glass of Duppy, revel in the good times and make rumforgettable memories together. Share the rum love with us and tag us in your photos on our socials @theduppyshare.