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The Best Places To Drink Duppy This Summer


Hey there Duppies,

We don't know about you, but we are ready for a summer of rum love! That means living for the moment, making amazing memories and enjoying the good times with friends and family. 

‘Share’ is in our name so you know we're gonna be sharing the love and giving you guys the down low on the best places to enjoy some delish rum cocktails.

So if you're down to eat and drink until your hearts content and are looking for the perfect venues to hang out with your crew, check out our favourite restaurants, pubs and bars to drink Duppy this summer.

  1. Pergola

Boasting several amazing sites around London, Pergola is the perfect place to enjoy drinking some Duppy this summer. Their open-air spaces and secret garden-esque venues  provide a sense of escapism in the very heart of the city. From Pergola Paddington to Lost in Brixton, Pergola is a mini paradise against the backdrop of a very strange year. It really is a great mixture between a pub garden and a rooftop bar. So, we’d recommend grabbing yourself some Duppy and chilling out there with your friends and family. Check out their website to find a location near you.

  1. Patty and Bun

These guys really are the best on the block! The P&B team have been our much-loved partners in crime for a while now and we never get tired of their scrumptious food … seriously, everything tastes incredible! So, if you’re down for dirty, oozing burgers and of course some juicy rum cocktails, then you definitely need to hit these guys up. They have several locations dotted around London, so you can’t miss them, from Liverpool Street to Richmond Road, so go check them out with a group of mates and we’re sure they won’t disappoint. 


  1. Turtle Bay

If you're looking for good vibes and good times, then Turtle Bay is an absolute necessity! From their bottomless brunch to their 2’4’1 happy hour you’ll be getting some rum loving action all day long. These guys will be serving tasty Caribbean food like jerk chicken and goat curry, delicious Duppy drinks, along with banging music that'll have you dancing all night. If you're in and around London, why not check out their Brixton or Ealing site? With locations all around the UK, it doesn’t matter where you are, you can enjoy addictive rum cocktails all day long, so be sure to head there and grab yourself some Duppy.

  1. Greene King Pubs

If you’re anything like us, then your favourite weekend activity is getting your mates together and chilling at the pub. The entire nation has being heading to their local to watch the Euros and get in on the action ... it's rum-ing home Duppies! This summer we’re going for beer gardens all the way, because there’s nothing quite like sipping freshly served rum cocktails in the sunshine, so Green King pubs are your best bet for finding an epic spot for footy and Duppy. We'd recommend checking out Leicester Arms in Piccadilly or Price of Wales in Covent Garden for even more rum love.


  1. Cottons

Nothing says rumshine like some authentic Caribbean food and drink, so if that sounds right up your street then Cottons is the place to go. They are a London based brand who are all about serving up tropical, island vibes in the city – and who doesn’t want to feel like they’re on holiday right now! From saltfish to oxtail, these guys have some really cool dishes for you to try. They also have an impressively large selection of rum available, but we’re obviously partial to some Duppy. We'd suggest visiting their Vauxhall or Notting Hill sites. So, get down there with your crew and check out what they have to offer.


And that's our recommendations wrappDUP.

Go grab some Duppy with our loved ones, get boozy in the sunshine and make amazing memories together. Don't forget to tag us @theduppyshare when you’re out and about.