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SEP 2021



You heard that right, Duppies. We are collaborating with the legendary music pioneer Kano, and bringing you guys the ALL NEW Duppy White.


Duppy White - a 100% Jamaican white rum with a super smooth taste profile - draws inspiration from Kane's very own upbringing, showcasing the best flavours that Jamaica has to offer. As creator and co-founder of Duppy White, Kano has worked across every element of this project, ensuring the whole way through that the final article celebrates the indisputable influence of Jamaican culture worldwide.

Describing the process of creating a rum as similar to mixing a track, Kane spent time constantly tweaking the liquid to get the perfect blend; the result is a rich and vibrant rum. It's flavour profile includes notes of banana, mango, green thyme and pimento, with a smooth caramel sweetness that means it can be drunk neat or as a shot.

Kano's cultural origins are also clearly visible in the design, with a 7-inch vinyl (vital to Kano’s music career) forming the bridge between Jamaica and London on either side of the bottle. As a testament to the thousands of untold stories and profound influence of the Windrush generation, an illustrated Empire Windrush sits in the middle of the bottle, only visible through the heart of the vinyl, adorned with a lyric of Kano’s - ‘Every entrance to a door has a footprint left by the ones that came before. Let’s talk about the day the wind was rushed up on the shore’ . 

In Kane’s own words: “For me, whatever I do has to be the real deal. This drink comes from me. This is my life, my family’s story inside this bottle, and wrapped around this bottle. This is something I believe in and genuinely love as a product. That was a major thing for me, creating something that I would like to buy myself, drink myself. I’ve been going out of my way to test it with family members and friends to see if they feel the same. People really, really enjoy it. Some people that don’t even drink rum, or it’s not their thing – they drink it and they’re a fan. It's been a fun experience getting friends and family and peers to taste it. I can’t wait for the whole world to get their hands on it.”


Check out the totally unique Duppy White via our website to explore exclusive content and find out more, or grab yourself a bottle at a Tesco store near you.

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the various festivals and events we’ll be attending, for your chance to try Duppy White for yourself. Find us at Naked City and City Splash on the 11th and 12th September, as well as at the iconic London venue Printworks as the exclusive rum across its 40-show season.

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