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Yes Duppies – time for another foray into the world of drinks…

 Here at Duppy, we often get asked – what’s the secret to a great Rum Old Fashioned? Boasting one of the simplest recipes – 50ml Aged Rum, 15ml Sugar Syrup, and 4-5 drops of Angostura Bitters - yet one of the hardest to get right, it’s true that making a great old fashioned is an art… So we’ve collected some of the best bits of advice we’ve had from our bartender friends, and put them down for you below…

  1. “Keep the rum cool”

 Ask any cocktail aficionado and they will tell you an Old Fashioned cannot be served warm. First, chill the rum for 40 seconds by stirring it in a rocks glass with 3 large cubes of ice. This will slowly dilute the rum whilst getting it to the perfect temperature. The Duppy Share Aged's Barbados side will particularly shine here; as the more complex flavours are slowly coaxed out through the process.

  1. “It’s all about the stirring”

Key to an Old Fashioned’s success is creating an artful balance between bitter and sweet. To achieve this, you’ll need to carefully mix all the ingredients together in a way that maximises flavour coupling. Carefully pour half of the rum into a new rocks glass with 4 large cubes of ice. Then, add half the sugar syrup by pouring it over the back a cocktail spoon, gently stirring it all as it enters the glass. Repeat again with the rest of the rum and sugar syrup, and finish by stirring in 3-4 drops of Angostura Bitters.

  1. “Don’t forget the garnish”

Showmanship is a part of any cocktail makers arsenal – and we’ve got a nifty trick that will have all your friends in awe. Take an orange peel about the width of your index finger and half of its length. Place it between your fingers, grab a lighter, and approach it to the orange peel. When you feel the moment is right, pinch the orange peel and watch the excess oils spark up in front of your eyes, leaving your guests astounded and you feeling pretty sweet. Place it on the corner of your glass – et voila.

We hope you enjoy this recipe – and would love to see you guys in action! Tag us on your instagram - @theduppyshare