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APR 2022


The Duppy Share XO has officially launched and we are very excited to share this spectacular blend of rums with the world. 

The XO blend was created to set a new standard in super premium rum and will redefine quality within the category. XO is the finest expression of Duppy Share to date, with no expense spared in sourcing some of the Caribbean’s rarest rums from the finest distillery in the world - Four Square. 

Duppy Share XO in an 100% Barbadian blend, a perfectly balanced mix of 5, 8 and 12 year expressions combined to create a peerlessly luxurious liquid. The 12 yr old rums give an intense depth of rich caramel flavour, but also a certain chocolatey finish. This is balanced with the fresher coconut and stone fruit notes of the younger rums (5 & 8 year) with just a touch of these used to lighten the flavour and bring out the taste of rum.

Our recommended serve is neat over ice (fireplace optional). However, there’s no doubt that Duppy Share XO will change your old fashioned experience forever. Traditionally the old fashioned spirit base is rye Whiskey, but take a walk on a wild side and swap this for our XO rum with chocolate bitters for an indulgent yet tasteful flavour journey. 

Whether you are an experienced rum drinker or you are new to the game, we always recommend tasting using the correct method. First things first, swirl the liquid around in the glass and take a look at the ‘legs’, these run down the sides of the glass and can indicate the ABV content as well as if the rum has been aged well. Next, you’ll be using a different sense, your smell. Smell the rum in the glass and think about what different aromas you are picking up. Sometimes it's helpful to write these down to see if your taste senses are aligned. Lastly… the fun part - the taste test. Take your first sip, different areas of your mouth and palate will pick up different flavours such as citrus or smoke. Take the liquid in your mouth and immerse the rum around to experience everything the rum has to offer. 

All together you end up with a rum that takes you on a journey - rich and indulgent but with a lively underlying character that dances across your mouth. Much like you would expect of a night spent in the bars of Barbados.

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