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OCT 2022


We weren’t lying when we said we are the UK’s most premium Rum. We already have two Great Taste Stars on our Spiced Rum and one on our Aged Rum awarded in 2020 and 2021.

In the past year we have proudly launched Duppy White and Duppy Share XO.

Let’s talk about Duppy White for a second, this isn’t just a white rum this is THE white rum. Mr Kano himself combined his Jamaican heritage with his East London upbringing and put it in a bottle to create the best tasting White Rum on the market.

A note from the judges: “We loved the smooth, rounded, weighty character, the progression on the palate, the warming pimento finished. Very well made, beautifully balanced.”

This is the reason it was awarded two stars at the great taste awards this year. No white rum scored higher this year. SERIOUS BUSINESS.


Now if you’re a true rum lover, and I mean a TRUE rum lover, then you will know there is nothing smoother or more indulgent than our very own Duppy Share XO. Aged for 12 years for the most premium flavour. To be enjoyed with nothing but ice (although it goes great in an old fashioned).

A note from the judges: “Appealingly complex, soft on the palate, mellow and flavoursome with round and generous sweet fudge against a harmonious alcohol character with a refined flavour spectrum.”


Our XO was awarded one star at the Great taste awards. This isn’t a Frosties advert telling you we’re Grrrreaaat, this is the big Great Taste Awards certifying our excellence.

We have to give all the credit to Robin Honhold, our master blender. This man knows his Rum and he helped us to curate the perfect blend to go in these premium bottles. Big love to Robin!

Now if you’ve read this far and haven’t tried our White or XO then I feel bad for you, so you know what have a little 15% discount on Duppy White 70cl and Duppy Share XO 70cl bottles with code “GREATTASTE”. For one week only. Go on, treat yourself to the best rum on the market and let us know what you think! You deserve it!


Rum Love ❤️