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JUL 2023


How creative can you get with the Duppy Share range? Last month, we hosted a cocktail competition in Italy and sent the winner on a FREE trip to Barbados courtesy of the Duppy Share.


We had 10 finalists all making their drinks for the panel of judges. There was creativity flowing with punch bowls, tea pots, limited edition merch and so much more! It's warming to see the passion the amazing bartenders showed for our liquids and the incredible cocktails that were presented. We wanted to give a massive shoutout to all 10 finalists, we will link their instagram accounts at the end too so you can follow their work and get rewarded with innovative recipes.


We would love to share with you the top 3 and their out of this world recipes and methods that created gobsmacking cocktails.


At number 3 we have... Marco Dell'Accio and his Zombie Cream Soda. The idea came from wanting to combine the complexity of a 1950 Zombie with a cream soda, in a sharing drink. The best way to do this is to wash the Zombie with milk and add a vanilla liqueur to the recipe, and then carbonate.


4cl Duppy Share aged

4cl Duppy share white

3cl vanilla liqueur

5cl sugar

8cl fresh passion fruit juice

10cl fresh pineapple juice

100g whole milk


Pour rum, passion fruit, pineapple and vanilla liqueur into a carafe and mix them together

Pour the contents of the jug into a container containing the milk

Mix them together and wait a few seconds for the milk to curdle

Pour the mixture into a funnel containing a paper filter and let it percolate into an empty jug

After the percolation, add the sugar and mix

Leave to cool in the refrigerator

When the drink mix is ​​cold, carbonate with a twist and sparkle

Serve in highballs with chunks


At number 2 we have... Andrea Arcaini and his Duppy Share-ing Punch. This was by far the most complex of the lot with demonstrations of how to make single ingredients impressing the judges - at first we see the making of the Duppy White Falernum.


Duppy Share-ing punch*

280ml Duppy White Falernum*

700ml Black tea syrup**

700ml Duppy Share Aged

70ml Allspice Dram***

Punch bowl service

Nutmeg as a garnish


*Duppy White Falernum

9 Lime zest

150g Peeled white almonds

120g Fresh ginger

40pcs Cloves

500 Duppy shares white

Sous Vide —> 50 degrees, 4h

250g caster sugar

150ml lime juice

1ts almond extract


**Black tea syrup

500ml Hot Water

10g Black tea

4min infusion

200ml sugar syrup 3:2


*** Allspice Dram

100g Allspice dry berries

2pcs Cinnamon sticks

20pcs Cloves

1/4pcs Nutmeg

1400ml Duppy Share aged


14 days cold infusion

500ml sugar syrup 3:2


And finally, our winner, with something slightly more simple but superbly delicious: Margherita Olivieri and her Taste of the Sea.


100ml the Duppy share aged

20ml red dolin

60ml pineapple, sage and chilli syrup

60ml lemon

Fried sage garnish


Congrats to all the contestants and what an amazing experience! You can find all their instagrams here:

Matteo PiazzaMatilde Barbaro, Pierluigi Soccodato, Umberto Oliva, Marco Serri, Christian Torcasio  and Marco Torre.

Good luck making their cocktails and we hope to host many more comps just like this one!


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