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NEW kit launch - Welcome Sunshine Syrup! 


What would happen if you were to put summer in a bottle, you might ask? Well this year we’re bringing summer forward with our brand new Sunshine Syrup Cocktail Kit. What better way to toast being about to socialise with loved ones?

We're bringing the magic of the Caribbean to you. Think basking in the hot sun under beautiful blue skies with billowy clouds, swaying palm trees on golden sandy beaches, vast blue seas with waves lapping at the shore. Think freshly picked tropical fruits, juicy goodness squeezed into a cool icy glass, topping it off with a cheeky splash of smooth, rich rum … yep, we’ve only gone and bottled it up for you guys!

Our most requested addition to the Duppy family, after the epic success of our Christmas Syrup, was for a product that would be sure to make an amazing addition to both our Aged Rum and Spiced Rum. A product that would not only make mouth-watering cocktails but would be simple and easy to purchase and use. So, we listened to you fellow duppies and we’ve gone and done just that.

So, what's in our delicious Sunshine Syrup?

We’ve been working with the renowned syrup developer William Fox Drinks Co, who are a UK based artisan syrup manufacturer. They specialise in making incredible, high quality, flavoured syrups that are velvety smooth and go down a treat.

With their help we have created a beautiful syrup with an exotic blend of pineapple, mango and guava.

With that in mind, here’s one of our favourite ways to use The Duppy Share Sunshine Syrup for a fantastic fruity concoction:

The Glow-ito


  • 50ml The Duppy Share ⁠
  • 25ml Sunshine Syrup
  • Half a Lime ⁠
  • Fresh Mint
  • DASH Bitter Orange and Grapefruit Soda


  1. Muddle your Lime and Mint at the bottom of a glass.
  2. Build over Ice with your Duppy Aged Rum and Sunshine Syrup.
  3.  Top with Dash Soda.
  4. Garnish with a Mint Leaf or Wedge of Lime.