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It all starts with the liquid. Many moons ago, we decided to set out on a journey, to breathe life back into the Rum Category. To do this, we had to navigate the complex world of rum distillation, ageing, and blending. Luckily for us, our guides along the way helped us wind our way through the myriad styles and fashions of rum – analysing flavours, building spider charts, and refining choices, until finally we arrived at what we now call, The Duppy Share Aged.


The Duppy Share Aged is a blend of golden Caribbean rums from two of the most prestigious distilleries in the Caribbean – the Worthy Park distillery in Jamaica, and the Foursquare distillery in Barbados.


The blend combines a 3-year-old heavy, Esther-filled pot still rum, which brings the fire, and tropical notes that every good Jamaican rum has, whilst a smoother 5-year-old, buttery column-still rum counterbalances this with the subtlety and refinement that only Barbadian rums have. The result is a liquid that stands up as a sipping rum but has the tenacity to cut through complex and ginger-based flavours to truly shine in a cocktail.


This is the beauty of blends – as Richard Seale (Master Distiller of the Foursquare Distillery) puts it, “It is hard to beat a well-made blended rum – meaning a blend of pot still and traditional column still for depth of flavour and balance”. After all, harnessing the best of both islands can only lead to something great.


Armed with a unique liquid and a great story, The Duppy Share Aged was born and is now drunk in pubs, bars, restaurants and homes all over the world. From Australia, through the Czech Republic, and into Antigua, you’ll find our uniquely recognisable bottle sitting on a back bar ready to be enjoyed.


And whilst it is true that in order to get the real flavours to shine through it’s worth trying it neat, it’s also absolutely banging in a range of rum cocktails – check out the ‘recipes’ or ‘serve’ sections of our website for some inspiration.